Literary Connection

In the story townspeople participate in an every year event called “The Lottery”, which is an event where everyone in the town draw slips of paper and whomever has a mark on their slip of paper is stoned to death. They townspeople did this act of hazing because they believed it would upon harvest. Hazing in the story can also be compared with today’s hazing because numerous of people have died due to people being abused intentionally for there or others beliefs.

Though hazing is illegal it is still vastly participated in around the world.  Hazing is usually partaken in groups such gangs, clubs, sports teams, and the military. In fact the closes relation to “The Lottery” type hazing would be college’s fraternities and sororities. Each year these frats would screen people who wants to be in their organization and if they make it past the screening they would be hazed for a period of time to know if there in compliance with the organization. There are stories and reports of some students couldn’t take the hazing and the result be seriously injured or death.

There are now groups to prevent these acts and save people. click link for


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